Registration Information
         -It must be signed by a physician.
         -Turn it in at Equipment Handout (preferred) or to one of the parent meetings (if necessary).
         -Players may NOT participate in team practice until this form has been received!

Attendance Policy
Every player is expected to attend each practice and each game. Excused absences include: family outings, sickness/injury,
homework, religious and other classes. Notify your coach, in advance, of any known conflicts. If no advance notice is given, a
hand-written note from a parent explaining the absence is required or it will be considered an unexcused absence.
- Playing time may be reduced with excused absences.
- Playing time will be reduced or eliminated with unexcused absences.

Playing Time Policy
Players who attend practice, are coachable, show respect for their fellow teammates, coaches, etc., and perform their assigned
position in a safe manner will receive playing time on game day. Playing time will be dispensed fairly.

AAYFL Rules  

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Complete the following forms and send to:
All registration forms, including the Medical Examination Form with a physician's
signature, must be turned in before any equipment will be handed out to players.

All fees, including the volunteer fee, are also due before any equipment will be
handed out.